MS Word Help

MS Word Help

Microsoft Word is a great word processing program. But sometimes – just sometimes – when you have to get your document finished by a certain deadline, it feels like you are fighting with it! You’ve probably had issues with bullet points (especially the indentation) going wrong, numbering going haywire, formatting not being copied properly when you’ve just pasted something – the list goes on. It’s frustrating to battle with these problems when you have to get your work done to tight deadlines, and you don’t reeeeeeaaaallly understand the ins and outs of MS Word.

Don’t worry, because help is at hand.

There are plenty of books out there that teach you how to use MS Word. But usually you have to wade through lots of stuff you don’t need to know in order to get to the bit that your life depends on! What a waste of time that is.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was some resource, written by real people with real problems, that got you up to speed quickly with only the tutorials you needed to follow?

Well, there is – and you’re looking at it! The MS Word tutorials you find here are clearly written with useful pictures that guide you through each step of the way. All the important topics are covered, but if you find something missing that you’d like to see, just get in contact and let us now. We usually have a quick turnaround time on new tutorials, so you shouldn’t have too long to wait.

We’re not so blind that we can’t see the value that other websites offer, either. You can learn all about Office 2010 in general (all the programs that comprise Microsoft Office 2010), you can follow Excel 2010 tutorials, and you can learn from Microsoft Word 2010 tutorials, too. If you need Microsoft Access tutorials, you can do a lot worse than FunctionX. The tutorials on all of these sites are top notch (even though we didn’t write them!) and will help you in your quest for Microsoft Office domination.