How To Convert Table To Text In Microsoft Word 2007

Word 2007 Task Imagine that we have a table full of text and that we want to keep the text but get rid of the table. We could just copy the text out of the table and paste it into a program like notepad, before copying it back to our document once the table has [...] Read more »

How To Password Protect Microsoft Word 2007 document

Microsoft Word 2007 Task We have a Word 2007 document thate contains sensitive information and we need to restrict access to it. We want to allow people to open the document but we don’t want them to make any changes to it. How can we get Microsoft Word to do our bidding? Here are a [...] Read more »

Insert Page Numbers In Microsoft Word 2002

Word 2002 Task Now that we have finished creating our document in Microsoft Word 2002, we need to add page numbers throughout. How can we achieve this? We could type in the page number manually on each page, but this would be a laborious task that is prone to error, and you would also have [...] Read more »

Numbered List With Only Odd Numbers

Task We need to create a numbered list in Microsoft Word that displays only odd or even numbers in it. However, numbered lists do not have this feature incorporated so we will have to get sneaky with Word. In a nutshell, we are going to create empty lines behind the even numbers and then hide [...] Read more »

Change Font Colour In Microsoft Word 2002

Task I need to change the font colour of some text in Microsoft Word 2002. How do I do that? Easy way (with upper toolbar involved): Select the text that you want to change (format). Look at the upper toolbar and on the right side you should find this icon . Click on in and [...] Read more »

Specific Word Count In Microsoft Word

Task We need to count how many times a specific word occurs in our document. In our case, we need to know how many times the words “tomato ketchup” occur in our document. Fooling Microsoft Word We can’t use word count because this feature tells us te total number of words in our document, not [...] Read more »

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