Number Of Occurrences Of A Particular Word

As you type, Microsoft Word keeps track of the current word count in your document. You can see the word count in the Status Bar, if you have selected to display it there. To add or remove word count from the Status Bar, right click on the Status Bar and either check or uncheck the box next to Word Count.

Word Count In Word

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This word count is the total number of words in the entire document.

But you can get a word count for just a particular section of text, too. Simply select your text and the word count number will update to give you the total number of words in the selection. The format is like this:

number of words in the selection / number of words in the document

Words In Selection

You can also make multiple selections by holding down the ctrl key when making further selections. Again, the word count will update to display the total number of words in the selections.

Count Of A Specific Word

To count the number of occurrences of a specific word in your document, you have to get sneaky. Press ctrl-F to open up the navigation pane and then type the word or phrase you want to count. Not only will Word find all occurrences of the word or phrase, it will diaply the count, too.

Specific Word Count In Word