Insert Comments In Word

Users of Word 2016 use comments to provide feedback on a document, or at least a portion of it, without actually changing its content. Such comments can be used to offer suggestions and to add notes, or to pose a question. They are attached to certain pieces of text or elements in your document so you will first need to select your text or element, and then click the Review Tab > New Comment (in the Comments group).

Your text selection may include a single word, or multiple paragraphs, and so can be as large or small as you want. After clicking the New Comment command, your selected text becomes highlighted and a comment box pops up on the right in which you can add your comments. Each comment you add is saved along with your username and the time you added the comment.

Press the Escape key when you have finished typing the comment, or click in the document's text.

When the comments have been added, they are visible immediately in the right margin. This is because when you add a comment, the Show Comments command is automatically activated. Similarly, you can click Show Comments to hide all comments and thereby increase the available space for viewing your document. Show Comments acts as a toggle for displaying/hiding comments.

To select a comment, just click on it. When you do, the text you commented on is highlighted again, and it becomes editable.

You can also add comments to other elements like SmartArt, images and charts etc. You use the same process: select the item and then click on New Comment.

It's an east task to alter a comment: when you click to select the comment it becomes editable. You can then make your changes. As you’d expect, you can't amend someone else’s comment, you can only change your own. You can, however, reply to someone else's comment.

How To Reply To A Comment

Sometimes, you might want to reply to a comment that was added by a colleague. To do so, click on their comment and then click on the Reply link beneath it. Another editable entry will appear in which you can type your reply. Just like comments, your reply is recorded with your username and the time it was added.

Comments can be deleted individually by selecting them and then clicking the Delete command in the Comments group (on the Review tab). You can also delete all of the comments in a document by clicking on the lower part of the Delete button > Delete All Comments in Document.

If you want to delete an individual comment but don’t want to jump to the Review tab to do so, you can right click on the comment and select Delete Comment. Often, a dialogue will commence after a comment has been left and then subsequent replies are made to it. When such a discussion is finished, you can resolve a comment to close it. If you change your mind later, you can always click on Reopen.