Changing Case In Word

It’s an easy job to change the case of the text you are currently typing into a Word document. You can hold down the shift key and then whatever letter you type will be uppercase. Or you can press the caps lock button to make every letter you type uppercase. Pressing caps lock will return the case back to normal. If you have caps lock on, then pressing shift while typing a letter will insert a lowercase letter.

That’s changing case while you are typing.

But you can also change the case of text that has already been typed in your Word document. All you have to do is select the text first, and then go to the Home tab and click the Change Case button in the Font group. The Change Case button looks like this:

Change Case

When you click the button, you get the following options to choose from:

  • Sentence case – in sentence case, the first word of each sentence has a capital letter and all other words are lowercase. For example, the man went home. the house was empty. empty becomes The man went home. The house was empty. Empty
  • Lowercase – if you choose this option, all letters become lowercase.
  • UPPERCASE – if you choose this option, all letters become uppercase.
  • Capitalise Each Word – this option Capitalises Each Word In The Selected Text. As Demonstrated Here.
  • Toggle Case – choosing this option reverses the case of each letter so that i loVe TO dANcE ThE sLOW foXTroT becomes I LOvE to DanCe tHe Slow FOxtROt.