Remove Borders From A Table In Word

Sometimes you might want to put text or objects into a table in Microsoft Word simply to position them how you want. Placing them in a table is an easy way to get different elements to line up. But usually when you do this, you don’t want the cell borders to be visible so the reader doesn’t know there is a table there.

It’s an easy job to remove table borders in your Word document.

First of all select your table: place the cursor in a table cell and then click the Layout tab (in the Table Tools contextual tab)> Next, click Select > Select Table.

Select Table

Now that the entire table is selected, we can remove its boders. Click to the Design tab and click the down arrow to the right of the Borders button, in the Table Styles group. Make sure you click the down arrow and not the body of the button: clicking the main button area simply removes or adds the last border element used by this button. Word displays the last border element used on the button itself, so that’s helpful.

When you click the Borders down arrow, select the No Border option.

No Borders

Voila – no borders. Don’t forget to select the table befor removing its borders. If you only put the cursor into a table cell and then remove borders, they are removed from that cell only. The rest of the table will keep its borders.