Word 2010 AutoCorrect

AutoCorrect in Word is one of those features that will save you lots of time and effort. AutoCorrect is used to correct typos and misspellings and also to substitute the characters you type for symbols. At the precise moment you finish typing a word – by pressing the spacebar, typing a period, or using some [...] Read more »

Remove Borders From A Table In Word

Sometimes you might want to put text or objects into a table in Microsoft Word simply to position them how you want. Placing them in a table is an easy way to get different elements to line up. But usually when you do this, you don’t want the cell borders to be visible so the [...] Read more »

How To Convert Table To Text In Microsoft Word 2007

Word 2007 Task Imagine that we have a table full of text and that we want to keep the text but get rid of the table. We could just copy the text out of the table and paste it into a program like notepad, before copying it back to our document once the table has [...] Read more »